Wednesday, July 9, 2008

A girly girl and a country boy?

The other day I was on the phone with Steven while he was, well I guess he wasn't doing anything at the moment. Anyway, I was telling him what I had actually accomplished that morning as far as housework goes, and he commented about needing something ironed. One of his co-workers was with him and commented -jokingly- that he needed to tell me "to go mow the yard." (His co-workers love giving me a hard time.) Well, Steven repeated what he had said to me, laughing. I replied, "Yeah, he obviously doesn't know me. I'd probably kill myself in the process." To which my husband said, "Yeah I don't want you doing that. He doesn't know the kind of girl you are."

That got me thinking. What kind of girl am I? Random, I know. I do sometimes wonder how other people see me though. Then, Joslyn's comment about my pink fishing pole gave me my answer to my own question - an odd breed. I'm a barefoot country girl that can't live without my pearls.

So here I am. I'm a girly girl.

I love everything pink.
I love jewelry of all kinds.
I love flip flops and high heels, and everything frilly and girly.
I like doing laundry and ironing. (Ok, maybe that makes me crazy instead of girly.)
I hate being hot and sweaty, despise most yard work, and think the world would be a better place without snakes and spiders.
Please don't ask me to play a sport, unless it is WiiSports.
My "mud boots" are pink rain boots.
I like sappy movies, songs, and books.
I can not travel with less than 3 bags, even for 3 days.

I'm a bit of a country girl too though.
I don't wear shoes unless I'm leaving my house in the car.
I prefer swimming in a lake to a pool.
I like fishing, and I don't mind baiting my own hook.
I like shooting guns, and I'm actually pretty decent at hitting a target.
I like going to the drag races.
I like camping. Yes...real a tent.
I like riding four-wheelers.
I like cows and pigs. (Ssshhh! Don't tell my husband I admitted to liking pigs!)
I like a pretty city skyline at night, but I prefer blue sky and big puffy white clouds, green fields, and a dirt road.

I'll admit, I'm mostly a girly girl though. I'm pretty sure I am the most feminine girl that has ever married a lineman. Steven's co-workers get a kick out of me. Like the fact that I am totally and completely directionally challenged. Bad. I'm not really sure why they find this to be so funny, but they do. For example: One of Steven's co-workers had a GPS system that malfunctioned and kept sending them in circles. He decided to name it "Emily." Thanks, Tim.

Now for the next question.
What kind of guy is my husband?
Probably not the type most people would expect to see me with. He's all boy, with a big dose of country on top of it.

He likes fast cars, preferably old ones. He likes big trucks. He likes motorcycles. He likes four-wheelers.
He likes fishing.
He loves pigs. He hates rabbits.
He likes Johnny Cash and 80's rock bands.
His favorite pieces of clothing are his denim overalls, Cabela's baseball cap, and his Justin cowboy boots.
His favorite movie is Smokey and the Bandit.
I'm pretty sure he'd rather die than fold clothes or dust.
He likes mowing the yard. (I do not understand this, but I won't complain.)
He likes catching snakes. (Another one I don't understand. I DO complain about this.)
He could eat only steak and mashed potatoes for the rest of his life.
He likes shooting things, burning things, and blowing things up.
(I must admit I enjoy these activities, but on a smaller scale. I'm a bit of a fraidy cat.)

He can be a little softer though. Just don't ask him to admit it.
He did cry on our wedding day. We have photos to prove it.
He will occasionally, subtly admit to liking my cat. "He's a good cat," is about as far as it goes though.
He likes the movie The Notebook. He says it's because "Rachel McAdams is hot." I know better.
He swears Friends is the stupidest show ever. When I finally forced him to watch it, (He'd never seen it! *gasp*) he laughed. Just as much as me. It's still "stupid" though.
will go skydiving, but he won't try new restaurants.
He likes to dress nice...occasionally. However, his idea of dressing up still includes those Justin boots. :-)

How did Miss Pink end up with Mr. Hillbilly? Well, I guess God likes a good laugh just like everyone else occasionally. :-) Our differences sure cause us to laugh quite often. I think the picture below sums us up nicely.

(Image by: Krause Studios)

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Heather said...

I think your hubby and mine are exactly alike. I am girly and married a country boy too. Wouldn't have it any other way. I do think God gets a kick out of laughing :)