Friday, March 28, 2008

Is there anything they WON'T eat?

I just realized I'm rather behind on posting my photos...

A couple of weeks ago, Steven and I decided to buy the dogs some more toys (as if they don't have enough). I saw a little squeakie hamburger and had to have it because years ago we had gotten one for my last cocker spaniel, Maggie and she loved it. I thought the girls would like it, too. We bought that and a squeakie pizza slice. Apparently toys in the shape of food are not a good idea for my dogs. They don't know the difference.

Here is Emerald, proudly displaying her work. Notice the large hole in the end of the toy.

They were demolished in less than 10 minutes. They broke the pizza squeaker in less than two minutes, and then Emerald decided to eat the toy. When we realized she was actually eating it, in the trash it went. She moved on to the hamburger. The squeaker has been broken, but she has yet to eat it. We'll see how long it lasts.

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