Thursday, September 4, 2008

Thank you, Gov. Bobby Jindal...

Thank you so much for insulting my husband, his co-workers and all the other electricians, foremen, linemen, equipment operators, ground-hands, and everyone else attempting to help restore power to the Gulf Coast.

The following is an excerpt from an article on Yahoo News. HERE is the original article.

"There is no excuse for the delay. We absolutely need to quicken the pace at which power is restored," Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal said."

This comment was originally made at a press conference on Wednesday. I first heard about it this morning on Good Morning America. It infuriated me.

And exactly how does he expect them to do this? They are already working 14-18 hour days. Transmission lines are down. They also have limited fuel because there are only two fuel stations in Houma working off of generators. (Let's just hope they get power up at the service stations before the returning residents use up all the fuel.) I find it very insulting that he would make such a statement toward the people that are helping his state the most. Those guys are going down there, hours away from their families, with no idea when they will return, to sleep in hotels and shelters with no electricity and working long hours to help out a governor who insults them and basically says they are working too slow, and "there is no excuse," for it. (Forget safety! Work faster!)

In order to make himself look good, Gov. Jindal has put aside the work needs and safety of these men (and the residents of Louisiana!) and allowed the residents back in. I find it very hard to believe that the governor of the state was unaware of the situation - that there is zero power and it could take a month or more to have it restored. Now, he makes this statement, acting as if he was completely unaware of the actual situation. The residents wanted back in (because they had not been told what they would find; they were just told it wasn't nearly as bad as Katrina), so Jindal says, 'Sure! Go ahead!' Great. Now my husband not only has to worry about where his co-workers are, what he is currently doing and his surroundings, but also he has to worry about residents and their children being in the way and constantly stopping their work to ask questions like, "When will I have power?" "Why does my neighbor have power and I don't?" "When will you be working on _____ street?" (because they can't go to work or school!) and people ignoring the rules and running generators incorrectly in their garages and other hidden locations (which is a great way to kill a lineman).

Way to go, Governor!


Theron's Mom said...

Could be worse. He was actually considered as a VP candidate for McCain. . . Hopefully the residents of LA will be more appreciative of the relief efforts and less worried about preserving their commercial interests . . .

Amy Barrett said...

Write him a letter! How RUDE!