Wednesday, April 9, 2008

A Story for Amy

The other day Steven and I were driving around town running errands. We started discussing kids. Part of the conversation went as follows.

Steven: "I hope we have a little boy so I can dress him up in little suits and ties and khakis."
Emily: "Okay. You do realize that won't be cheap, right? So you can't complain when I buy expensive dresses for the girls."
Steven: "Yeah, so? I don't care."
Emily: "You're going to be just as bad as me when it comes to shopping for our kids, aren't you?"
Steven: "Not the girls. I'll let you do that. I just want a little boy, so I can pick out really cute stuff for him. I want him to be the boy version of Emma, Eva, and Ella. I want my kids to be cute like that."

Amy, my husband is a fan of your kids. :-)

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Amy said...

Oh.. I'm so excited! If I would have had a little boy I would have dressed him the same way. Little boys in suits and ties are the SWEETEST. I also love the little shortalls with knee socks! TOO CUTE - yay Steven!!! A man after my own heart!