Monday, August 6, 2007

Tired of waiting...

Why did we have to have a December wedding? Oh yeah, I wanted winter and Steven wanted his birthday. I'm thinking we should have gone with our original idea of October. I'm tired of waiting. I just wish everything was finished. I still have two pages of a "to do" list for wedding stuff, and I only have 4 months and 7 days left. Aaaahhhh!

Make Guestbook
Finish Slideshow
Print rehearsal invitations
Book rehearsal dinner
Burn CDs
Design/Print cd cases/labels
Make table number cards
Design Programs
Print photos for decorations
Buy decorations for groom's cake
Decide on bridal portrait
Mail bridal preview cd's to FIL's
Finish BM gifts
Buy GM gifts
Buy parent gifts
Finish bouquets
Buy aisle decorations
FInd flowergirl dress pattern

I have to do all of this and more. AND I start back to school August 20. I'm going to lose my mind. I would like to apologize in advance for any Bridezilla behavior that may occur due to high stress levels.

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