Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Reasons to avoid doing business with the city of Jonesboro...

While standing in line at the bookstore today, trying to buy my textbooks like a good college student, I decided to call the mayor's office and ask if I could simply fax them the invoice for the price of the invitations and for the price of the reprints. I knew I wouldn't get out of there before 4:15 and would be working late tomorrow. Now that I'm back in school, I really don't have time to be arguing with them over something so stupid. However, no, that just wouldn't do. They insisted I bring ALL of the invitations in for inspection. An example of one wouldn't even work. They wanted to see all of them. To count them maybe? Because I'm sure I'm going to order 3 wedding invitations and tell them I ordered 200. That would just make sooo much sense, right? Who knows. The woman even asked me where they were. My reply? "Still at home on the dining room table!" I called my mom, she loaded them up into the car, and then we met up to go to City Hall. They acted like they weren't even sure the city would pay for it, "It may even have to go before the council."

One woman even had the audacity to say, "Well I've certainly never seen anyone else order invitations so early." Early?! What rock did she crawl out from under? We have less than four months to go and a RSVP date of November 13! That's less than 3 months away. We still have to reorder them, assemble and address them, and get them mailed out. She also suggested that we WAIT to reorder them because they "might be able to work something out." If they were going to do that, they should have a long time ago, before ticking me off maybe?

I am taking my reception to Trumann. I don't care what facility the city can come up with or what price they give me. I'm tired of dealing with them, and I said so today at City Hall. I'm pretty sure I made their "people to avoid dealing with list" today.

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