Thursday, November 8, 2007

I know they're around here somewhere...

Where on Earth did September and October go? I'm pretty sure I never saw either of them. The last thing I remember is...well, getting engaged in March! haha, I'm pretty sure my brain flew out of my head at that moment and has yet to return. It is probably on vacation in Tahiti with September and October at this very moment. Well, okay I saw the end of October. Unfortunately it left poor Steven with a very undeserved black eye. Oh well, he's all better now. Kind of.

I think he's getting a cold/possible sinus infection. He actually got up and took medicine on his own will last night. That's never good. It means he's really sick.

We are hard at work on wedding stuff. We meaning my mom and myself ;-) With only 35 days to go, we have accomplished a lot, but we've still got a lot to do!

-Mom is working on favors at this very moment. (She's wonderful! I love my Mommy.)
-Dad mailed off the check for the photographer's balance this week. (I heart my Daddy too!)
-I finalized my hair and make up appointments for the big day. (Ally and Jenny Lynn will have me looking fabulous!)
-We finalized the catering menu and cake designs! I am so pumped about Steven's cake!
I don't even care what mine looks like anymore. I just want his to be perfect!
-I've been working hard on thank you notes. I'm behind, but I promise they WILL get done.
If you haven't gotten yours yet, I'm really sorry. It's somewhere between the to-be-written list and your mailbox.

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