Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Another conversation from Mr. & Mrs.

*last night*

Mr: "Do you have your bags packed?"
Mrs: "Everything except the phone chargers and stuff I use everyday."
Mr: "What are you wearing to the hospital?"
Mrs: "Heels."
Mr: Pause. Giving me his exasperated/trying to deal with a 'redhead moment' look...
Mrs: "I might even dig out my pearls too..."
Mr: "Have you thought about anything other than shoes?"
Mrs: "Yeah. It just depends on what I have on at the moment and what shoes I feel like wearing."

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Bruce, Andrea, & Ashtyn said...

Sounds like you're ready to go to me! Make sure Stephen takes something quiet to do. There can be down times and you will NOT want the sound of a TV bothering you!

2.5cm already?! Took me something like 5 hard hours of labor to get there. Lincoln could decide he's ready at any time now! Can't wait!!! Know you can't!!