Monday, March 23, 2009

New Furniture

I'm finally posting pictures!
Here is the furniture I got for my birthday.

More naps than I can count have already taken place on the couch and loveseat. Actually, I even caught Steven napping on the ottoman the other day. :-) Yes, that is a tv tray in the corner. We are still searching for the right end tables. We actually need a pretty large end table for that corner, and have yet to find any we like that are big enough.

I'm even more in love with this dining set than I was when we bought it. It is the perfect size for our tiny (read: non-existent) dining room. Also, because it is so tall, I don't have to worry about the dogs snatching anything left on the table while we aren't watching.

And here is a picture of the collage I finally got put up of Steven's sister's family. I'm so happy to finally have photos of our sweet nieces up to show everyone.

1 comment:

Kim said...


Love the texture of the sofa.

And, you are right - the dining set is perfection.

I'm totally green with envy