Friday, February 29, 2008

New Blog- A Must Read!

Adventures of Eva Grace
This blog is guaranteed to be a great one!
Eva Grace, the smiley little blonde flower girl in my wedding, is now the star of her own blog! If you know her, you know what to expect. If you don't know Grace, well, you are in for a lot of smiling and laughing. She is simultaneously one of the sweetest children I know and the by far the biggest ham. Only one post is up so far, but I'm sure many more are to come. There is never a dull moment with Eva Grace.


Amy said...

How awesome! I just found your blog by somehow finding Randi's blog!! I love the advertisement for Eva Grace, I'll have to show her in the morning! I also love your blog -this stuff is addicting! Your wedding pictures are georgous, my new favorite is the one you have posted with the 2 of you under your veil, sooo sweet!!!

Amy said...

How awesome! I accidently found your blog after I found Randi's blog! Your blog is great, I have a new favorite wedding picture - the one of the 2 of you under your veil! I have no idea how you are going to choose which ones to order - good luck with that.
Thanks for the post on Eva Grace's blog! That is so sweet, she will love it. I'll show her in the morning!!
I connected your blog to mine - how addicting!!

Amy said...

Oh sorry, i think I sent you three comments, I couldn't see them posting so I thought I had deleted them - sorry! I didn't know you had to approve them first ~I'll stop now!!! :)